IFEC launches "Lost and Found" online financial management education campaign and call for public participation for World Investor Week 2023 activities

18 September 2023

With digital innovations, the fast-evolving financial services landscape has brought about both opportunities and challenges to the public, in particular to the young generation. As such, an online investor and financial education campaign is launched by the Investor and Financial Education Council (IFEC) to help enhance financial knowledge in a bid to help develop sound investment and financial management behaviour and habits targeting the young segment.

"Lost and Found" online financial management campaign to help strengthen financial knowledge among the young generation

IFEC today launches the "Lost and Found" online financial education campaign highlighting financial challenges faced by the young generation, with suggestions to help mitigate these challenges.  

The campaign features three individuals with different aspirations - start a business, enjoy finer things in life and pursue a career according to interests and talents. However, they were stopped short in realising these dreams due to pitfalls including herd investment mentality, impulse spending and lack of financial planning. The stories highlight the importance of making informed investment decisions and managing money prudently, as well as a call for action to start their financial management journey using IFEC's tools and resources available in IFEC's social media channels and website. Click here to watch the campaign videos.

IFEC Chairman Mr Victor Dawes said, "Our young generation is the fundamental building block in our community. It is important to enhance their financial knowledge and induce the right attitude and behaviour for them to confidently manage their investments and finances to help them achieve their financial goals, and in turn, realise their personal dreams. Through this campaign and IFEC's tools and resources, we will continue to collaborate with key stakeholders to help empower the young generation to take charge of their personal financial management."

World Investor Week 2023 commences on 2 October

World Investor Week 2023, an initiative of the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO), commences on 2 October 2023. To continue the momentum of promoting the importance of investor education, IFEC is collaborating with key stakeholders to offer a range of resources and initiatives for the Hong Kong public to enhance their understanding of emerging investment trends and risks related to sustainable investing and virtual assets to equip them with the knowledge to make informed investment decisions. 

Highlights of IFEC’s World Investor Week 2023 initiatives

  • Strike the Gong for Financial Literacy - an event co-organised with the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited. This year, the event will feature a public investor education seminar on "Understand the Financial and ESG Benefits of Sustainable Investing" at the HKEX Connect Hall.
  • Virtual assets interview - The Financial Services and the Treasury Bureau and the Securities and Futures Commission are invited to a Facebook interview to discuss the latest regulatory developments on virtual assets and key considerations for investing in this asset class from an investor protection point of view.
  • Dedicated World Investor Week 2023 portal - featuring a variety of investor and financial education resources on investor resilience, green and sustainable finance and virtual assets. The portal also provides details of activities organised by the IFEC and various stakeholders. Click here to visit the portal.


1. A screenshot from the "Lost and Found" campaign (Click here to watch the campaign videos)

2. IOSCO World Investor Week 2023 website