Should I use a robo-adviser?

With the development of financial technology, a number of robo-advisers have launched their business in Hong Kong offering investors more options to access digital and lower-cost financial advisory services.

In simple words, a robo-adviser is an online platform or mobile app that makes use of financial technologies to provide financial advice to clients with little or no human involvement.  Robo-advisers can be a lower cost option for investors who want to seek investment advice. However, if you prefer the personal touch or do not feel comfortable with a computer programme handling your investments, you may opt for the more traditional channels of obtaining financial advice.

Whether you are using a human or a robo-adviser, no financial adviser can guarantee a profit for their clients.  As with all financial decisions, do your research and decide which financial solution is right for you.  The following sections can help you assess whether such digital services are suitable for you.