Financial Jargons in the Mainland

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There are differences in the terms used in the Hong Kong and Mainland stock markets. For example, the Mainland term for "rights issue" (配股) in which all shareholders can participate is used in Hong Kong to mean "placement", which refers to the raising of funds from specific shareholders. The following are some commonly used terms that are different in Hong Kong and the Mainland.

English Terms in Hong Kong Terms on the Mainland
nominal price 按盤價 名義價格
deposit 按金 押金;保證金
squeezed 被挾倉 被迫倉
margin call 補倉、追收孖展 追加保證金通知
delisting 除牌 摘牌
ex-date 除淨日 除權日
capital formation 籌集資金 募集資金
hedging 對沖 對沖交易;套利交易;套期保值
order matching 對盤 報價撮合;對盤
basis point 點子 基點
large position reporting system 大額持倉申報制度 大戶報告制度
tied up 大閘蟹;被縛 套牢;多頭套牢;空頭套牢; 給套住
short position 短倉;淡倉 空頭;短倉
Rights issue 供股 配股
Open offer 公開招股 公開配售
Share placement 配股 增發
dividend 股息 紅利;股利;股息
above par 高於面值 溢價
scrip issue; issue of bonus share 紅股派送 送股
trading at narrow ranges 好淡爭持 多空爭奪
stock trading at $100 or above 紅底股 香港專有用語,指股價超過港幣 100元的股票
settlement 交收 交割;交收
clearing 結算 清算
brokerage firm 經紀行 券商;證券商
long squeeze 挾好倉 多殺多;軋多;軋多頭
short squeeze 挾淡倉 空殺空;軋空
trading booth 交易櫃位 交易席位;交易單元
day trade transaction 即日鮮 當天交易;即日平倉買賣
opening price 開市價;開盤價 開盤價格
forced liquidation 斬倉 被迫拋售
open high at gap 裂口高開 跳空高開
laggard 落後股 補漲股
scalping 老鼠倉活動;食價 搶帽子;倒賣;投機倒把
placing order 落盤 下單
margin account 孖展戶口 保證金賬戶
buy order 買盤 買單委托;買方指令;買入委托
sell order 賣盤 賣單委托;賣方委托;賣出委托
stagnant market 牛皮(市況狀態) 箱體
closing price 收市價 收盤價
odd lot 碎股 零股
weak market 市況疲弱 盤軟
board lot 買賣單位
arbitrage 套戥 套利買賣
limit order 限價盤 限價委托
small cap stock 細價股 小盤股
profit warning 盈利警告;盈警 利潤警告
stop order; stop-loss order 止蝕盤 止損委托
intermediary 中介人 金融中介機構
discount 折讓 折價
heavyweight stock 重磅股;重量級股票 重倉股;權重股
squeeze 震倉 震盤;軋空頭

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