Cross-boundary WMC – eligible investment products under the Northbound Scheme

Cross-boundary WMC
Mainland investments
Product features


Eligible investment products under the Northbound Scheme include:

  • Renminbi-denominated deposit products distributed by Mainland banks;
  • Public fixed income wealth management products and equity wealth management products issued by Mainland wealth management firms (including Mainland banks’ subsidiary wealth management firms and joint ventures between Mainland banks and foreign partners) and being assessed by the issuers and Mainland distributing banks as products with risk rating of "R1" to "R3" (excluding wealth management products for the purpose of cash management);
  • Public securities investment funds being assessed by Mainland public fund managers and Mainland distributing institutions as products with risk rating of "R1" to "R4" (excluding commodity futures funds).

Risk rating of Mainland wealth management products

Risk rating of Mainland fund products

High risk R5 R5
Medium-high risk R4 R4
Medium risk R3 R3
Low-medium risk R2 R2
Low risk R1 R1


For details of investment products offered by individual banks/ brokers, please contact the relevant participating banks/ brokers.

Learn more:
Mainland wealth management products: Chinawealth website (available in Chinese only)
Mainland fund products: “Electronic Information Disclosure” platform of the China Securities Regulatory Commission (“CSRC”) (available in Chinese only)


26 February 2024