Share custody

Financial intermediaries
Transaction costs

You may have to bear additional fees and charges if you choose to hold paper share certificates.

How do I get certificates for my shares?

If you want to keep the paper share certificates yourself, you can ask your intermediary (a bank or brokerage) to withdraw your stock deposited in the Central Clearing and Settlement System (CCASS) for you.

In handling a stock withdrawal request, CCASS charges the intermediary a stock withdrawal fee of HKD3.5 per board lot. Intermediaries normally pass this fee back to their clients, some may even impose additional charges. You should check from your bank or brokerage the fees and charges required.

Do I have to pay any additional charges when I sell my certificates?

When you sell your paper share certificates which are registered in your own name, your intermediary would need to first deposit the paper share certificates to CCASS. The paper share certificates have to be re-registered in the name of HKSCC Nominees Limited before they are entrusted to the CCASS. In addition to the brokerage commission, SFC transaction levy and etc, you have to pay HKSAR Government transfer deed stamp duty* for re-registration of shares. Moreover, some intermediaries may charge you a stock deposit fee. Please click to learn more about fees and charges involved in trading stocks.

*The stamp duty to the HKSAR Government is HKD5 for each new transfer deed regardless the quantity of shares traded.