Sharing session on “Money Issues in Liberal Studies” teaching materials and teaching strategies


The Chin Family will organise a sharing session, to introduce the "Money Issues in Liberal Studies” teaching package and invite an experienced teacher and a university lecturer to share their teaching strategies.  The package is developed for secondary school teachers to use. The objective of the package is to help students build positive and long-term money management values, learn how to be a smart consumer, and acquire personal financial management knowledge and during Liberal studies.

This comprehensive teaching resource includes pre-reading material, worksheets, presentation slides, class activities and lesson plans. The first 2 modules of package are “Ageing Population” and “Youth’s Consumption and Online Shopping”. They enable teachers to easily provide better coverage of financial management topics within the Liberal Studies, Personal, Social & Humanities Education or Moral and Civic Education curriculum. The package provides comprehensive teacher support and reduces workload in lesson preparation.


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The sharing session trains teachers how to use the resources, and their supporting teaching materials. Education Bureau and The Chin Family will run the “Money Issues in Liberal Studies” teacher sharing session on 19 December 2018.

Date and time: 

19 December 2018 (Wednesday)


Venue:  Room 119, 1/F, Hong Kong Productivity Council Building (78 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon, Hong Kong)

Cross-curriculum collaboration elements in Liberal Studies and enhancing learning motivation

Curriculum Development officer of the Liberal Studies Section, CDI, Education Bureau

Teaching experience sharing about the linkage between social issues and “Personal Development & Interpersonal Relationship”

Miss Lo Kit-ling (PLK Lee Shing Pik College & Hong Kong Liberal Studies Teachers’ Association(Vice President in External Affairs)

Financial education in value education and the principles of the teaching in personal growth

Mr Ho Chun-sing, Maxwell(Department of Education Policy and Leadership, The Education University of Hong Kong)

Introduction of the teaching package and other teaching and learning materials developed by the IEC; Q&A session

 Mr Kevin Wong(Manager of the Investment Education Centre)


Secondary teachers




Please register via e-Services Portal of the Education Bureau


Note: Participants are eligible to apply for the free "Money Issues in Liberal Studies” teaching resources (e.g. softcopies of the pre-reading material, lesson materials, reference materials, presentation slides) after attending the workshop.