"$avvy Planner" teacher workshop


The Chin Family will organise a workshop on October 30 2018, to introduce useful financial education resources for teachers.

The Chin Family will introduce and let teacher experience $avvy Planner Board Game. It will enable teachers to learn, through role playing as a youth who has just started working, how to set financial goals, develop a budget, save, invest, risk and debt management. It also aims to help them review and reflect on their self-management and planning capabilities, while strengthening their financial knowledge and skills.


Also, The Chin Family will also introduce "Career and Life Planning and Financial Management" teaching package for secondary school teachers in the workshop. The objective of the package is to help students build positive values and make financial decision in their career and life planning process. The teaching package is based on the guide on Life Planning Education and Career Guidance for Secondary Schools (2014) issued by the Education Bureau. It can also be used for Liberal Studies (Self and Personal Development module) and Business, Accounting and Financial Studies (Basics of Personal Financial Management module) as a supplementary teaching resource. The package provides comprehensive teacher support and reduces the lesson preparation workload.


Date 30 October 2018 (Tuesday)
Time 2:00pm - 5:00pm
Target Career and Life Planning、Liberal Studies and Business Accounting and Financial Studies teachers
Venue Room 1002-1003, The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups Building, 21 Pak Fuk Road, North Point, Hong Kong.
Fee Free of charge
  1. Financial Education in schools
  2. Introduction of "Career and Life Planning and Financial Management" teaching package
  3. "Savvy Planner" experience
Enrolment For registration, please go to here (Chinese only).


Note: Participants are eligible to apply for the free "Career and Life Planning and Financial Management" teaching resources (eg Textbook, Worksheet, PowerPoint) after attending the workshop.