World Investor Week 2018

World Investor Week

World Investor Week (WIW) is a global campaign promoted by the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO) to raise awareness about the importance of investor education and protection. From 1st to 7th October 2018, IOSCO securities regulators and other IOSCO members around the world will participate in WIW by providing a range of investor education and protection activities for investors and the general public in their own jurisdictions. For the global initiatives of WIW, please see

World Investor Week 2018, WIW

Participating in World Investor Week 2018

As part of WIW, The Chin Family and various professional bodies are hosting the following activities to promote investor education messages, as well as to help consumers make well informed decisions and become smart investors.


PolyU Investor Seminar 12 Oct 2018

Have you ever encountered disputes with banks or securities brokers and had to get them resolved? What should investors do to avoid disputes and protect their rights? Institute of Active Ageing of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Financial Disputes Resolution Centre and The Chin Family co-host a free-of-charge seminar to explain the investor protection and how to deal with financial intermediaries (the seminar will be conducted in Cantonese). 


Investor Seminar 6 Oct 2018

The investment market has become increasingly complex and volatile in 2018. The trade conflict between China and the U.S. creates a challenging landscape in the global economy, and the strong USD triggers a new set of emerging market risks. Additionally, new economy investments and new listing rules present new opportunities and new risks to investors. Along with  the 10th anniversary of the global financial crisis, the Chin Family is co-hosting an investor education seminar with HKEX to invite market experts to discuss the topic "New landscape, new economy, new risks". (the seminar will be conducted in Chinese). (Enrolment closed, Enquiry: 2880 8639)


Investor Seminar 4 Oct 2018 

Companies with weighted voting right structures are now permitted to list on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. What should investors look out for when investing in these stocks? Join the seminar co-hosted by CFAI, HKSFA, HKU Space and the Chin Family to understand the impacts of this new shareholding structure to investors (the seminar will be conducted in Chinese). (Enrolment closed, Enquiry: 2867 8312)


World Financial Planning Day

The “World Financial Planning Day” spearheaded by the Financial Planning Standards Board is one of the key initiatives of the World Investor Week. As a prelude to World Financial Planning Day 2018, the Institute of Financial Planners of Hong Kong conducted the “Financial Goals and Retirement Planning of Hongkongers” survey to gather insights into the financial attitudes and retirement planning behaviour of Hong Kong’s general public. The research aims to create consumer awareness and increase understanding of the value of financial planning.  Survey findings will be announced with World Financial Planning Day on 3 October, 2018.


Investor education resources

What is stock investing

The Chin Family is presenting a series of education animations with interactive elements for the first time to help consumers acquire fundamental knowledge in stocks and funds. Put your knowledge to the test by answering the questions in the videos and click on the hyperlinks to learn more. 


One Minute Quiz

One-minute quiz –  are you a smart investor?


One minute quiz - are you a smart digital and online investor

One-minute quiz –  are you a smart digital and online investor


The Chin Family Investor Portal 

The Chin Family Investor Portal is a one-stop resource for both novice and experienced investors to learn more about the breadth of financial products, and the principles of trading and investing. Other information include smart tips, scam alerts, as well as regulatory updates for smart investor protection.

20 September 2018