World Investor Week-
A Guide to Successful Investing

World Investor Week

As the famous quote goes: “Knowledge is Power”. Organized by the International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO), the World Investor Week (WIW) aims to equip investors with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage and protect their investments and wealth.

For the global economy and investment market, 2020 can be described as an extraordinary year. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our lifestyles considerably and given rise to the rapid development of a digital economy. Under the new normal, the technology sector has outperformed the traditional economy. The pandemic has also prompted us to rethink about the need to accelerate economic transformation and move towards a low-carbon, low-emission and sustainable future. At the same time, with the thriving stock market despite the pandemic, retail investors may be tempted to take on speculative and high risk investments for short-term gains as they spend more time at home and online. Some may even follow tips and news on social media to trade stocks without considering the risks. The popularity of online activities and social media provides a breeding ground for fraudsters to come up with various investment scams.

This year's WIW will be held from October 5-11. The IFEC will organise a series of activities around the impact of the pandemic on investments, promoting prudent investment concepts and highlighting the trending investment scams to retail investors.

Investment talks

Green Investment Opportunities in Hong Kong (7 October 2020)

Green investment has been a hot topic in recent years, with ESG and sustainable investing being the most talked about. What is ESG? How would it affect the risk and return profile of your investment? On 7pm, October 7, join an online talk where industry practitioners and an SFC representative will be discussing green investment opportunities in Hong Kong. This live session will be hosted on the HKEJ Facebook platform and conducted in Cantonese.

Sector analysis series – technology stocks (8 October 2020)

The technology sector has always been very popular and it has out-performed traditional sectors since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Would the upsurge mark the beginning of a new investment trend under the new normal, or is it just another market bubble? How should investors analyse the business model and fair value of technology stocks? How to evaluate risks? We will take a deep dive on the subject in the upcoming webinar. Click here to register - the webinar will be conducted in Cantonese.

ABC of Investing Webinar (12 October 2020)

This webinar equips participants with the necessary investment knowledge and skills. Click here to register - the webinar will be conducted in Cantonese.


Education resources

Get the facts before you invest. Equip yourself with the necessary investment knowledge and skills from our investor portal before entering the market.

Investing 101 video series

When it comes to investing, there is no quick win but to do your own research and learn about the basics and important concepts. The tutorial videos, hosted by three popular TV anchors, are set to guide you on your investment journey. Watch videos

Be aware of investment scams in the social media

Social media has become a common platform for different kinds of investment scams. You may have come across the various Loco London gold, ICO and cryptocurrency and pump and dump schemes. Click here to learn about the fraudsters’ latest tricks.

Initial Coin Offerings, Bitcoin and other "cryptocurrencies"

ICO, Bitcoin and other "cryptocurrencies" are high risk products and are not suitable for everyone. Without full knowledge of the features and risks, you are advised not to follow the herd and participate in speculation. Before making any investment decisions, it is important to understand more about the product. Learn more


Other activities

Ring the Bell for Financial Literacy (5 October 2020)

Financial literacy comes into the spotlight as we find out how financial education can be integrated into the workforce and society. On October 5, the HKEX held an online bell-ringing ceremony to kick start the WIW and explore how organisations can join forced to enhance the financial wellness of their employees and that of the public.


World Financial Planning Day (7 October 2020)

As investment is closely related to financial planning, the World Financial Planning Day, organised by the Financial Planning Standards Board (FPSB), has been one of the main events of the World Investor Week every year, providing mutual support for the IOSCO's financial education initiatives. Find out more about the activities by the Institute of Financial Planners of Hong Kong (IFPHK) on World Financial Planning Day.


21 Sep 2020