All about fund investment

One of the benefits of fund investment is that you can establish a relatively risk-diversified portfolio without having to hand pick individual stocks – as each fund generally comprises dozens of securities.

Having said that, there are myriads of fund products with different investment features, fees and risks and returns. Just like selecting stocks individually, it takes time and effort to pick out a fund that suits your needs. On this page you will find some essential information about funds, as well as some popular fund products. We hope these highlights can enhance your understanding of fund investment and help you choose the right product.

Radio Interviews on Fund Investment (in Cantonese)

The fund market is ever-changing, with new fund products and different investment themes surfacing all the time. Not to mention how Fintech has changed funds’ mode of sales as well. On this note, a new series of "Hot topics in finance and investing" is produced jointly with RTHK, in which representatives from the Hong Kong Investment Funds Association and the Hong Kong Society of Financial Analysts will be featured to discuss some of the latest developments in fund investment.