$avvy Planner Workshop


Regardless of a student’s plan to continue to study or enter into the workforce after graduating from secondary school, their career and life planning will involve many financial decisions.  Hence, the $avvy Planner Workshop has been developed to better equip them with the essential knowledge and skills to cope with these important decisions. 

The 2-hour activity based workshop will enable students to learn, through role playing as a youth who has just started working, how to set financial goals, develop a budget, save, invest, risk and debt management. It also aims to help them review and reflect on their self-management and planning capabilities, while strengthening their financial knowledge and skills.  Each player is required to achieve their life goals and short/mid-term goals through proper time and wealth management. The more goals a player accomplishes, the better is their planning.

During the pilot stage, we have conducted evaluation surveys to gauge feedback from the participants to assess the impact of the workshops. Some key findings are as follows:

The Chin Family Personal Finance Ambassador

For detailed evaluation of the Workshop, please click here.