Parents can involve their children in the back-to-school budgeting exercise. Come up with a budget for school items and encourage your child to think of ways to save money. For example, compare the discounts and prices offered by different shops when buying school supplies, or look for used uniforms or second hand books.


Come up with a list of the back-to-school items with your child and stick to the budget and the list. Help your child to decide which item can be cut back if overspend. That way, he/she can learn to spend within his/her means.

List of back-to-school expenses

Items Estimated expenses (HKD) Actual expenses (HKD)
School fee    
Learning materials    
Extracurricular activity costs    
School supplies    
School bag    
Computer and other digital products    
Total expenses    


Worksheet: My Shopping List (Download)

Prepare a shopping list with your children so that they can remind each other of not buying anything unnecessary.




1 Aug 2022