Get Ready for Back-to-School Expenses

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Whether your child is attending, kindergarten, primary, secondary school or university, you are likely to encounter some hefty expenses that occur before the start of each new school term that give parents something to groan about.

In coming up with a family budget, parents should first calculate the total expenses required for their children's education and consider their affordability. Evaluate if there is a need to fund through your savings and investment, or reduce spending on certain items.

Calculate the total back-to-school costs

Items Amount (HKD)
School fee  
Learning materials  
Extracurricular activity costs  
School supplies  
School bag  
Computer and other digital products  
Total expenses  


Parents can involve their children in the back-to-school budgeting exercise:

  • Come up with a budget for school items and prioritise the expenses together with your child.
  • If it goes over-budget, classify the listed items as "wants" or "needs" and make your choices.
  • Encourage your child to think of ways to save money. For example, compare the discounts and prices offered by different shops when buying school supplies, or look for used uniforms or second hand books.
  • Discuss with your child how much pocket money you will be giving and how it can be managed, such as recording of daily expenses and setting spending and savings goals.


21 Aug 2019