How to complain


If you wish to make a complaint about an ILAS product, the first step is to contact the complaint officer of the bank, insurance company, agent or broker you dealt with and to raise your concerns with them.

If you are not satisfied with the answer you receive or the way they handle the complaint, you may wish to contact the relevant organisations below:

What Where How
Complaints about the ILAS product disclosure documents Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) Website:
Phone: 2231 1222
Complaints about insurance companies and insurance intermediaries Insurance Authority (IA) Website:
Phone: 3899 9983
Complaints about banks and their staff Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) Website:
Phone: 2878 1378 
Disputes with financial institutions authorized by the HKMA (e.g. banks) or licensed by/registered with the SFC involving monetary loss Financial Dispute Resolution Centre Website:
Phone: 3199 5199