Where to find useful information

Where What
Investor and Financial Education Council(www.ifec.org.hk)
  • General information and education materials for consumers and investors
  • Subscription to e-newsletters on financial education
Securities and Futures Commission (www.sfc.hk)
  • List of SFC-authorized ILAS
  • Offering documents of ILAS as provided by the product issuers
  • Issuers of ILAS
Insurance Authority (www.ia.org.hk)
  • Regulatory framework and requirements
  • Register of authorized insurers
  • Register of Licensed Insurance Intermediaries
  • Industry statistics
Hong Kong Monetary Authority (www.hkma.gov.hk)
  • Regulatory framework of banks
  • inSight article "Consider the Important Facts before you decide to take up an investment-linked assurance scheme (ILAS) product" issued on 22 April 2013
Hong Kong Federation of Insurers (www.hkfi.org.hk)
  • Contact information of insurance companies
Hong Kong Confederation of Insurance Brokers  (www.hkcib.org)
Professional Insurance Brokers Association  (www.piba.org.hk)
  • Contact information of insurance brokers