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Specialist Technology Companies
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Innovation and technology are capital-intensive activities that often require a large team of scientific and technological professionals and the long-term support from investors.

The capital market plays a key role in promoting the development of innovation and technology as it brings together the capital from investors. It also serves as a bridge between high-tech companies, especially startups, and investors. While high-tech companies can obtain the funds they need for R&D and business expansion through various fund-raising activities, such as going public, investors are offered the opportunity to invest in these businesses.

In March 2023, the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) launched a new listing regime for Specialist Technology Companies, aiming to introduce a new generation of high-tech companies to the Hong Kong securities market and investors, and to accelerate the development of innovation and technology in the region and beyond.

Investors should note that Specialist Technology Companies are emerging technology companies with high growth potentials but their investment risks are relatively high. Companies applying to list under the Specialist Technology Companies listing regime are required to display a warning statement on the cover of the listing document to remind investors to understand the related risks before making any investment decisions.