Keep your finances in good shape under COVID-19

While health is top of mind during this unusual time, we should not neglect our financial fitness to weather us through the challenges ahead. The key pillars of financial fitness are savings, debt management, investing, insurance, retirement and estate planning. Take a look at our range of resources and tools to stay financially fit.

Take advantage of our range of resources to stay
financially fit

Investment Agility
Want to learn about investing? These short videos will guide you through the investing basics and important concepts that you need to know.

Debt Balance
If you have the need to borrow, work out a repayment plan first and manage your debt responsibly

    Going Digital

    As we adjust to the new normal of COVID-19, many of our everyday activities including shopping, exercising and even money management have shifted online. Here are some useful personal finance management information during this rapid digital transformation.

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      Try out these mini workouts and learn how to keep your finances in good shape!

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